What about Klaver4?

Your Klaver4 stamp will also remain possible during this unique and special edition of the Two-Day Walk.

In agreement with the other Klaver4 walks, you get a stamp for a “normal” clover for the 18KM walk and one for the “golden” clover for the 30KM.

What about IVV?

You can also get an IVV stamp on arrival at our special edition.

What is included in the registration?

The registration includes not only your participation but also your insurance.

In addition, everyone will receive a goodie bag with various items.

Will we also get a badge and/or medal?

A badge and medal are only provided for the “real” Two-Day Walk. So we will again provide a badge and/or medal for our 2023 edition.

But… You do get a goodie bag and at the end a real Blankenberg beer from Brouwerij B.

Can I also register on the spot?

You can only register online and in advance for this exceptional edition. This also allows us to prepare the necessary goodie bags.

I have luggage. What should I do with it when I leave Bruges?

If you have luggage at the start in the station, we provide transport of your luggage to Blankenberge. That way, you don’t have to carry that heavy suitcase along for the walk.
So, come with the train and stay a while in Blankenberge on Sunday. Hotels a gogo!

I am a member of another club than WSVL. Do I also get a discount?

No. For this edition, only members of Wandelsport Vlaanderen get the discount.

How to get to Bruges for the 30 KM

We advise everyone to use public transport. That is why we start in Bruges at the railway station. If you do come by car, you can park for one or more days in the parking lot of the station itself at a very reasonable price.

Tip: if you come from another place in Belgium, consider buying a WeekendTicket to Blankenberge.

Tip 2: If you are travelling with 2 people and you need to return from Blankenberge to Bruges while parked at the station, consider a Duo Ticket.