Two-Day Walk 2021

32ste Stormtocht
Although the event has been cancelled, we will make the tracks available onlineduring the weekend of The Stormtocht. So put on your walking shoes and download the tracks on

Voettocht 2021 – Redux

We regret that in 2020 and 2021 we did not manage to organize our Two-Day Walk.

But in order not to “forget” how it is to walk in and around Blankenberge, we have mapped out some walking tracks that you can do at your own pace at any given moment.

Enjoy the beach, the dunes, the polders, the nature reserves such as “De Utikerkse Polders”, “De Fonteintjes” and “De Duinbossen” in Wenduine/De Haan.

But please do respect the applicable rules and take care of each other and the environment.

See you hopefully in 2022 where we will do what we can to make our Two-Day Walk grand again.

7KM Track

7 KM

Start and arrival at the tram stop “Duinse polders“.

Just through the dunes, over the beach and then into the nature reserve “De Fonteintjes”.

We walk into Zeebrugge along the extensive beach and with a view of the breakwater of the harbour.

Then we return along the edge of the “Oudemaarspolder” and through the unique “Zeebos” to end up back at the start.

15 KM

Start and arrival at the tram stop “Harendijke“.

Walking in the nature reserve “Uitkerkse polders”: a gigantic meadow bird reserve with all kinds of typical and rare birds. Enjoy the various specific viewing huts and rest points along the way.

Look for some shade in the dune forests in Wenduine / De Haan with the typical fauna and flora.

Then up the beach to the “Spioenkop”, the second-highest point on the coast, and then continue along the dune path towards Blankenberge.

50 years of Walking

in Blankenberge

To remember the previous 50 editions, we have made a souvenir book of our event.

More info and how to get a copy, via

More walking?

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